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Taylor Swift teams up with Drake on diss track


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3 hours ago, AnglerfishbraBENUS said:

she does things in a more mature intellectual shady way though. and i mean the actual definition of shade. “it’s not about calling you ugly - it’s about how i don’t have to call you ugly, because you know you’re ugly”

Well yeah but they said that this track was more direct so I imagine it’s not like her typical style of diss track? Just speculation though

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Taylor Swift and Drake recorded a secret song together during sessions for her 2017 album Reputation, although it didn’t make the cut because it was deemed to be too direct about their foes at the tim

Gaga's crew should take notice and consider the vault recordings people keep asking for, e.g. Act II, RedOne Joanne tracks, DJWS/SOPHIE Chromatica tracks 

Yes please  Kanye needs his ego to be bruised as much as possible 

Midnights Mayhem
5 hours ago, ALGAYDO said:

Imagine doing a diss track when you’re a grown ass woman in her 30s :air: please let this be a fake rumor. Although I 100%  would be here for a Drake collab, just not a stupid diss track 

This is a diss track written 5 years and rumoured to be re-recorded on an album which was mainly about this subject. 

Formerly Miss Dolly
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