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Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas?


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I would really like to do a Lady Gaga costume for Halloween but I'm not even sure how to go about creating this. I constantly see people go to concerts dressed up in costumes they've created and I just think "HOW?? :wtfga:" I have a sewing machine and I don't mind spending a little on supplies, though i'm not rich. But I pretty much have no knowledge on creating cosplays and the like.


If it helps, I would most like to recreate the 911 Chromatica ball look or the origami dress, though I'm not sure which one would be most manageable (most preferably the Chromatica Ball outfit, but if that is too difficult I understand).

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this look would be easy to recreate.... (and its my personal favorite from the tour)



you just need a leather jacket some boots and the claw (which is very cheap on amazon)


get a similar wig and do the eye make up and you are set

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