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AOTY 2023 predictions?

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Since we’re only a couple months away from the deadline, I thought it would be fun to discuss our favourite albums of the year that we think can win AOTY at the Grammys. I think these three albums have a strong chance at winning for different reasons:

#1 Motomami by Rosalía

Reason: The most critically acclaimed album of the year.


#2 Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny

Reason: The most commercially successful album of the year.


#3 An Evening With Silk Sonic by Silk Sonic

Reason: Won SOTY and ROTY last year. Not to mention, this duo has a 100% success rate at the Grammys so far. They’ve won all the four awards they were nominated for.


What do you guys think? :partysick:

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Guillaume Hamon
12 minutes ago, Monstruous said:

It’s gonna be renaissance :vegas:

So you think they'll finally give it to her instead of a less deserving white artist as they do each time ? :trollga:

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Renaissance will definitely be at least nominated but I think it deserves to win. Either that or Motomami. 

Soft, soothing, and succulent // FOSSORA IS HERE
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The BPD Monster

I hate bey fans but that doesn't mean renaissance isn't a great album. It's AOTY material for me

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Reveals when?? Results when?? Do we have all submissions?? Do we have all votes?? Am I winning??
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Thomas P

Okay, i’ve been giving this a lot of thought, so please bare with this long winded post lmao

1. Renaissance - Beyoncé 

So i know i’m super biased about this, but there are many things that are working in her favour this time. Primarily, the album is just genuinely amazing, and would be deserving of the win any year. It is widely critically acclaimed, and it’s surprised me by its commercial performance (i know it’s not even that crazy of a commercial performance, but i thought she was gonna have Everything Is Love type numbers lol). I’ve grown up since lemonade’s loss, so i don’t think the grammys owe anyone anything anymore, but i do think there is an overdue narrative for bey in this category. the 2021 grammys felt like a consolation prize for the 2017 grammy mishap, i think they might not give her many awards this year, but  AOTY will be going to her finally. 

2. An Evening with Silk Sonic 

This just feels like a no brainer nomination. With their sweep last year, i don’t know if they’ll be as generous this year, but i wouldn’t count it out seeing as bruno is the male adele at this point. 

3. 30 - Adele

I think Adele is going to have another major year at the grammys this year, but i don’t think she’ll sweep again. I think Easy on Me will win everything it’s nominated for, but i think she’ll lose one pop category to Harry, and i think she’ll lose AOTY to someone. I actually listened to the album for the first time in a while, and it’s so much better than i remember it being. it’s a gorgeous and loving portrayal of divorce through music, and i truly think it dukes 21 out as her best album. regardless, it is a slight commercial step down (i refuse to call it a flop since it’s the best selling album of the past 3 years), and she’s one 15 grammys off of like 17 nominations. 

4. Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers - Kendrick Lamar

So this is complicated. Although the album is really good and still did receive high praise from critics, it’s easily his most divisive album since Section 8.0, it stirred up a pretty big deal of controversy, and it is a pretty major commercial step down from Damn (which is fair because this album really doesn’t lend itself to commercial success). Regardless of all of this, he would deserve a nomination, i just really don’t think they’ll be giving him a win here. 

5. Harry’s House - Harry Styles

So i think the 2021 ceremony was a welcoming for Harry. They basically insinuated that he has done the work post-One Direction for them to find him valid (even though One Direction had some pretty ****ing stellar music). i think he is going to wrack up a **** ton of nominations this year, but i think he will end up losing most of them because of the other major contenders. 

6. Un Verano Sin Ti - Bad Bunny

So like you said, it’s the most commercially successful album of the year by a pretty large margin, but i also think it’s a genuinely great album. i think the grammys would be truly wrong to not give it at least a nomination. 

7. Motomami - Rosalia

So this is also a little biased on my end, as it’s my second favourite album of the year by a pretty large margin, but i can really see it happening. Rosalia, like Harry, was kind of given the stamp of approval by the Grammys at the 2020 ceremony, and i think it would be in their best interest to nominate an album that is actively trying to push music forward (i know she’s not the first to do it, but kind of like Madonna in the 90s, she’s bringing these underground sounds into the mainstream). I think it’s near impossible it wins, but a nomination is more than enough. 

8-10: i don’t really know much past here. I can see Brandi Carlisle and Lizzo scoring nominations, maybe even Taylor (but as much as i love Red, it had its chance already) but i think we might be seeing some weird stuff like every year, so i’m gonna leave this blank to account for that. 


I’m a simple guy to please, if you like Melodrama, we chill.
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My Name Is Alice


Renaissance - Beyonce
30 - Adele
An Evening with Silk Sonic - Silk Sonic

Very Likely:

Harry's House - Harry Styles
Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers - Kendrick Lamar

Strong Contenders:

Special - Lizzo
In These Silent Days - Brandi Carlile

Borderline Contenders:

= - Ed Sheeran
Un Verano Sin Ti - Bad Bunny
Palomino - Miranda Lambert
Red (Taylor's Version) - Taylor Swift
Dawn FM - The Weeknd (if he submits)

Long Shots:

Twelve Carat Toothache - Post Malone
Dance Fever - Florence + the Machine
Crash - Charli XCX
Hold the Girl - Rina Sawayama

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Wet Fire

The way we all know Silk Sonic is gonna win :billie:

If not them then Adele :poot:

And they will once again nominate and NOT award Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar :neyde:

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