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Do we think she will have the bstage at us baseball fields? I am considering going to LA as I’m in PHX. I just want the full experience. I’ve seen all of Gaga’s shows since the fame ball, but never at a field always an arena.  I don’t want to go if the b stage won’t be used and I’ve heard that before we saw the full stage layout we weren’t sure if it would be uniform all cities. 

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Mr Mendes

I don't see why she wouldn't, it just won't be quite as far out as it as these soccer stadiums. Baseball stadiums are plenty large enough to handle a b-stage, it'll just need to be a little closer to the main stage because they don't allow the crowd to extend back to the diamond. 


You can see what i mean here. They will always stop at the point where the diamond is, the stage and crowd will strictly be in the outfield, but there's plenty of room for the b-stage somewhere out there. My guess is it'll be a little closer and off-center either to the left or to the right. 

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