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Azealia Banks inspired Beyoncé's new album


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12 hours ago, Stephen said:

She has worked with Gaga, Rihanna, Kanye West (although all were canceled) :air:

But yes she's extremely well known and from like 2011-2014 she was extremely desirable to work with because her music was so fresh and exciting. She was controversial then too but it wasn't as damning for career... She was dangerous and risky. But her "mistakes" just kept growing until it was just too much and she was basically blacklisted in 2016.

Now, despite her controversies her music is still critically acclaimed and she retains her cult fanbase all over the world. But most artists won't associate with her anymore :oprah:

But yea, back in the day:





Also Doja loves ha :nick: Guarantee you if PR and managers weren't in her ear they would have collabed already. 

Wow, thanks for this context! I literally thought she was some Tumblr artist circa 2012 that happened to land talks with Gaga and it just fizzled out and she spent the last few years trying to get back into the limelight to no avail. But we learn something new every day 

we have no choice but to stan qian kun
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it will ALWAYS bother me how big Azealia could be if she thought and used logic before speaking. Her music is amazing and everything she drops it’s very fresh and so out of the norm. Say whatever u wa

Thoughts? I could definitely hear some AB influences on Break My Soul tbh  

What sucks is that Banks would’ve been so huge and this could’ve been a collab opportunity but her reputation pretty much will stop any major artist from working with her. She’d beef with them literal

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