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Rina “would love” to open for TCB


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16 hours ago, Oriane said:

Nobody is going to buy the tickets just for the opening act though :air:

It's the opening act that needs the big star to include them.

Tell that that to one direction Stans who left the concert after they opened for Big Time Rush nnn

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Lady Starlight has entered the chat

Manifestingggg this happensssss

I mean, at this point it's shocking they haven't decided to go with Rina, like, what's happening?


Also I love Rina and it would be amazing if she opened the tour, but Gaga doesn't owe anything to anyone. She doesn't have to accept just because Rina said that publicly. Otherwise she's have to accept anyone who just asks?

You popped my heart seams, all my bubble dreams
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19 hours ago, monstertoronto said:

See her in October regardless!  It would be epic for her to open for Gaga, but it won’t be her whole show, and she is AMAZING live. You should def try to catch her own tour at these smaller venues where you be up close. She’s growing so much that you won’t have the chance to see her in smaller venues for very much longer. 

Yeah Good advice tbh, thanks!
I just have spent so much in gigs lately + the london gig required plane tix + stay... so i'll still think about it - but if i was rich i'd deffo blindly buy it!

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I read “Rita” and my first thought was please no if she signs on it’ll get cancelled :bear:

But slay if it’s Rina :glamourpuss:

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i love her but there's not enough demand for this queen to open such big tour

they need a slightly more popular queen like saweetie or maybe even ava max

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