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1974 Eurovision winner

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Since we are in the middle or Eurovision contest, I think it was a nice opportunity to go back and watch this legendary performance :legend:

They were going to concursar with Hasta Mañana, but they thought was better as it was a duet (Hasta Mañana had Agnetha as lead vocals).

Waterloo was kinda unique for Eurovision, ‘cause back in the day most of the song were this big *ss serious balads and they were singing this uptempo song with some flashy costumes, also they were competing againts Olivia Newton-John.

#6 on the BBH100, #1 on the UK charts and other countries.

they tried to gain a spot the previous year (in the Melodifestivalen contest) with Ring Ring but lost (they got a 3rd place tho)


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Eurovision fans for the most part loved this scene from Will Farrell's (lol) movie Eurovision.  It actually did quite good justice to the competition.  

If you haven't seen the movie, it's worth it, and the song at the end is just :diane:

But this clip involves several popular eurovision competitors. I love the Rybak guy :heart:


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ABBA made Eurovison what it is today. Only a legends! :vegas: 

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