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RuPaul forgets Jinkx's name at DragCon


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I'm so shook lmfaoooo in 2022, after the All Winners season



RuPaul: I told, um, um, this one right here. 'Cause your name is...
Jinkx: Jinkx
RuPaul: Jinkx! I mean come on! Seattle, Seattle. 'Cause there's a lot of girls, right?

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Ororo Munroe

tragic. :rip:

maybe it was a joke idk, cause imagine not remembering her name after filming all winners season and promoting the hell out of it. :air:

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4 minutes ago, LateToCult said:

Well I guess we know Jinkx ain’t winning. :ladyhaha:


even tho I'm rooting for Miss X Change xx

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1 hour ago, weed said:

Kalorie Karbdashian, I'd give Ru a pass! but Jinkx!!! Helloo!!!

This is the second Kalorie post I've seen today. Kalorie, ha resurgence :party:

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PR stunt at its finest if I've ever seen one:enigma:

Look how riled up the community is getting from Ru not remembering her name. Seems almost on purpose.

The melody that you choose can rescue you ♥
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she's old and she remembered she was from seattle, she clearly knows who she is.

besides, what is in a name? that which we call a rose, by another name would smell as sweet

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11 minutes ago, Nathan said:

Let’s not forget Jinx is into children.

Shame they haven’t removed him. From press

Gays being into thinks isn’t anything new. It’s a flaw in gay culture, every one wants them barely legal and it’s frightened me since I was seventeen. 

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