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we had this for JWT and it got me super pumped for my show beforehand and allowed me to know which other members where at which shows  comment down below which show(s) you are going to and I'll

@MonsterMomand I will be in Dallas. You’ll know who we are because security will be hauling her away for attempting to touch Gaga’s butt 

None  This is my second time skipping her tour  Im sorry Gaga but this time you ain’t paying your electric bill with my coins… but I’m happy for you!

On 3/24/2022 at 9:28 PM, Pop Music said:

we had this for JWT and it got me super pumped for my show beforehand and allowed me to know which other members where at which shows 

comment down below which show(s) you are going to and I'll tag you to the best of my abilities 

all individual threads for the shows are linked on the date 



Düsseldorf, Germany - July 17th (2022): @Mother of Puppies @MrGermanotta @iAstroLeo @SwissMonster @Dadru @artElias @PopEmergency @evgenigerm2 @itsdominik @Oriane @Burim @tigerteeth @snakes @Caio SCav @GagaKlein @seresmantle @Magneto @M i K E Y@DeanSummer @Lona Delery @WhiteShadow90 @itsmeluka @NewUsername @Supersonic  @aaronf4242@filsns @EdX @Pedroply @sulley @Scri  @Why am I on GGD @harrrisongaga @lmxoxo @magicfever @Dtr @Sandrology @PokerFace @theARTVampire @cdm87 @Ophelia @nightadieu


Stockholm, Sweden - July 21st (2022): @Vengaboy @Ophelia @Debithius @aaronf4242 @PMM @EdX @Pedroply @AnetteMonster @Simon @PokerFace @Hurem


Paris, France - July 24th (2022):  @HermioneT @Tinnitus15 @Juanlittlem @COOOK @SwissMonster  @AnnaNicoleSmith @ThisBitch @Johnny Wayne @BlackWave @itsdominik @spicemuncher @tigerteeth @joannethenight @Caio SCav @flyaway @GagaSkeletonWay @elijahfan @Bazaar @Magneto @Killa @littlepotter@alsemanche @NewUsername @monketsharona @Lanaxster @Shiva Ruppeni Siva @miigueel @Sachasuperstar @panosmonster @Nathaniel Arven @Siena @Clarity @HIMe @Sandrology @Robert @PokerFace


Arnhem, The Netherlands - July 26th (2022) @Jeroen Bloeming @MrGermanotta @Stupid Oreo @darkgaga @LUCARTPOP @HighwayFantasy @Suuus@kitykati @Caio SCav @TMM90 @Magneto @spector @DanceInTheDark @Sachasuperstar @thopekas @Pedroply @Why am I on GGD @Clarity @Gagarka @GagaMyBlood95 @PokerFace @RodeckDanny

London, UK (Night 1) - July 29th (2022):  @TD878 @franminervini @Cello @Clayton @Sherry @Ack1234 @spicemuncher @Vengaboy @NeonSkeleton @tigerteeth @desnorteio @LittleMooNster @DanceInTheDark @Sepsami @chun li @JoeMo@Chris Thomason @Suspiria @Siena @Clarity @SlaeUrAnus @scheisseJK @juicyjuicy @jodibbs @heavymetalenigma @catsounds 

@PokerFace @Retro Dance Freak


London, UK (Night 2) - July 30th (2022): @Tinnitus15 @franminervini @AloraRola @Loyalty @Ack1234 @spicemuncher @LittleMooNster @Pedroply @Clarity@Gimme More @jodibbs  @Sine From Above @PokerFace @Hurem

Toronto, Canada - August 6th (2022): @calmar @gumzy3000 @monstertoronto @LaLa @reysus @DontCallMeAlice @Enigma @JorgeX @ShayCristoforo @Alfonso @OhHenny2020 @jackoajl @DontCallMeAlice @chromatic puzea


Washington, DC - August 8th (2022): @PartySick @SamanthaC @djfreemymind @heavymetalARTPOP @TEANUS @weed @Pandauralife@sourpunk @lance13


East Rutherford, NJ - August 11th (2022): @ryansamonster @ErickSlayyy @Robo Ga @tappy3 @DontCallMeAlice @Gagaism @MessyTop @Stephen @DavidJP @KeepItCool @itsmebuddy @Prince Cameron @CelineDion @Rodrigo Abel @sourpunk @Rocketno10 @CatelynnMarie @broadwaybrian318@Tonymel @KindnessPunk @DontCallMeAlice


Chicago, IL - August 15th (2022): @Pop Music @ryansamonster @mr.peter @SlayMeToVenus  @JustDwight @Dr Fudge @Alannah @MonsterMom @HeavyMetal Halcyon @kaojen @Alistair


Boston, MA - August 19th (2022):  @Nano @reysus @TylerBR97 @fishinmyhair @Mister G @BradleyCooper @mdance4life


Dallas, TX - August 23rd (2022)@Franch Toast @MonsterMom @Hyperballad @tylertremallose @Ayoherewego @ProfessionalClown @TheOriginalOne @slayo @sourpunk @Lady JarJar @Ray of Light @broadwaybrian318 @AUARAOFSHEISSE @Ramos @glagerfeld @Concertaholic


Atlanta, GA - August 26th (2022):  @Charmz @Roughhouse Dandy @beli8 @Ivy @FATCAT @WheresMy911Alice @pachinko @rasclautmangos @trithoraxlike @Burqa4Fashion


Hershey, PA - August 28th (2022): @dep18702 @BigDreamer

Tokyo, Japan (Night 1) - September 3rd (2022): @mysGaGa


Tokyo, Japan (Night 2) - September 4th (2022):  


San Francisco, CA - September 8th (2022): @Flippy @JanStan @Tempest @Jpanese @sourpunk @phantasmas @CommonWhiteGirl

Los Angeles, CA - September 10th (2022): @PartySick @ChicaSkas @mr.peter @Ronnie @hoeslay @Bobina @Chromatigaga29 @HotLikeMexico @papergangster @GagasEnigma4 @HeavyMetal Halcyon @sourpunk @TJ @JoanneStan420 @Spanish Eyes @SamanthaC

Houston, TX - September 13th (2022): @AshIey @Concertaholic @pink sushi @Morphine Prince @meganmonsterxx @chromatic22


Miami, FL - September 17th (2022): @kaojen @beli8 @PartySick @POP2 @henaub @KindnessPunk @BradleyCooper @DontCallMeAlice




hope this helps other kindness punks out! :firega:

@Flippy maybe someone from here could get the hoodie for you :hug:

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26 minutes ago, Juanlittlem said:

@Flippy maybe someone from here could get the hoodie for you :hug:

I’ll check in! Hopefully someone is able to! :giveup: Thank you so much! :hug:

TMBT 3.22.11 // TBTWB 1.17.13 // ArtRAVE 6.3.14 // C2CT 5.28.15 // TJWT 8.13.17 // Chromatica World Tour 9.8.22
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Please add me to San Francisco! :D Also if anyone knows how to pick up the GA tickets... I am very confused! Will call?? 

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Stevies Cockatoo
10 minutes ago, AUARAOFSHEISSE said:

@Lady JarJar are you going sis?

I wish, and part of me hopes for a miracle, but I can't afford it or drive there by myself :bradley:

you're not safe.
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Heading to the Houston show as well in the Pit !

Any loner going there ? Ill be coming from Paris, hmu on instagram or twitter if you want to meet before the show !

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