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This is the most defining Gaga song


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Not only is this top 10 hit solo written, but it also samples Queen and features Brian May on the guitar, which is a big nod to the fact that her name is from a Queen song. It’s also on her best solo album :ally: Gaga on piano, the energy, the “put your drinks up”… classic Lady Gaga energy. It’s also just one of her most epic songs, the way it builds up to the bridge and the last chorus. 

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I mean, there’s a reason she still performs it even despite it not being a mega success. she knows the power it holds. Yoü and I stans where y’all at

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I was expecting this to be Bad Romance but actually, you make some really great points. This song is also probably the truest to Gaga's musical tastes and influences. It combines pop with country and rock. And of course, the fact it samples Queen is very self-referential in the best of ways. And... she wrote it on her own! Consider me convinced. 

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9 minutes ago, NFRatwell said:

Yoü and I stans where y’all at


Ever since she performed it live for the first time in 2010 I knew it was gonna be my favorite from her- and it still is. It encapsulates everything about her, and everything I love about her.

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It's my number one Gaga song for a reason. :legend:Everything about it is perfect to me. The music, the emotions, the theatricality, the video everything is just  :nooo:

Also the music video has one of my favourite Gaga looks of all time.



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