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Text You Pictures (New HQ Snippet)


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This user has been banned   

its being sold on https://unreleasedsounds.gg/ for $2,500 () im not sure if posting this is ban worthy but

Oh god please leak along with Out of Control. I’ve waited so long for this!!!   - Text You Pictures - Private Audition  - Out of Control - ARTPOP & DWUW demos

Fuck You Pop Music
7 minutes ago, fraann said:

Just purchased it! 

Sick and tired of snippets babe

Give us peace and

Take our pain away and leak this goddamn sooong

This goddamn song

"Fck U Pop Del Music - 2021"


Btw, do they also have Out of Control? Cmon... it's been more than a decade at this point


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No one really cares about these snippets anymore lmao, we were excited in 2011 when we just had a limited amount of Gaga songs, now we have so many they can keep these fame rejects

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1 hour ago, CyanLights said:

This user has been banned 

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Square Dance GIF by Anastassia Ballroom


Thank god i didnt make a thread about it a few hours ago then 


Soft, soothing, and succulent
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The quality is definitely the best we've gotten in years but still...I wish we would get some BTW/ARTPOP era leaks but I too have wanted this song for a while 

Stream my new single, 💜"Heartbeat"💜, on Spotify!
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