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Thoughts on Arrange marriage?


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I would agree with it if I was arranged married to Michele Morrone or Tom Hardy :icega: but if not, its a no for me dawg

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I can see it being okay if that’s what both individuals want. I guess I just imagine they won’t be as romantic as any other couple but it’s due to me enjoying the flirtatious phase and playing hard to get. There’s something exciting to me about wanting to take things to the next level with your significant other when your still dating. If you’re marriage has been set then marriage is inevitable. It’s not to say arranged couples can’t be romantic and stuff, but it might be less willing to separate if the is no spark. 

On the other hand, you kinda feel secure in an arranged marriage because you’re gonna have to end up together anyway and less chances of breaking up. As long as what is important to them is understood and being met, then why should it matter.  If they both want passion, then they should allow themselves to have it. If they don’t and they both are cool with it, sure. I’m sure there are plenty of loveless marriages. They shouldn’t have to abide by the wishes of their parents if they want out of it.

I personally wouldn’t have wanted one, nor would I really force my child to have one. It just feels similar to when parents kinda force a career/major on their child and the child is so unhappy about but want to please their parents. 

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