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How Chromatica could be revived

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My opinion in how it could be revived:  

The momentum is long gone now.

I truly think Chromatica could be revived, just hear me out. I just got my copies of Disco (Extended Mixes) and Disco: Guestlist Edition on vinyl. While listening to the extended mixes of each track,

I don't think she would do anything to revive Chromatica at this point. Even if she does, her label won't let her do so - let's not forget that Gaga has her contract and still needs good budget from her label to create more wholesome contents. Plus the hype is long gone and now her persona switches to the Gucci/LFS mode. 

However I do hope that she does a grand stadium tour globally once Gucci is done. She's 36 next year and soon won't be having enough energy for a world tour, especially when Chromatica features so many dance bops. Plus I really want to hear the live version of songs from Chromatica because it's likely that she won't perform these songs ever again(when moving to the next era).

Also she hasn't performed in so many foreign countries for a long time. Her global momentum died after ARTPOP. Joanne did OK domestically but was a huge flop in foreign markets. ASIB revived her hype internationally, and such hype helps Chromatica and Rain On Me significantly. Now is the best time to have a grand world tour and perform for fans worldwide. 

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I think she should do what she did with The Fame Monster. Release an EP that is short- all bops, no skips. She could sell it on its own and also as a package w/ Chromatica.

Then do “The Chromatica Ball” but w/ songs from both Chromatica & the EP.

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