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Newly discovered mummy found in Peru is estimated to 800-years-old


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A team of experts has found a mummy estimated to be at least 800 years old on Peru’s central coast, one of the archaeologists who participated in the excavation said.

The mummified remains were of a person from the culture that developed between the coast and mountains of the South American country. The mummy, whose gender was not identified, was discovered in the Lima region, said archaeologist Pieter Van Dalen Luna on Friday.


“The main characteristic of the mummy is that the whole body was tied up by ropes and with the hands covering the face, which would be part of the local funeral pattern,” said Van Dalen Luna, from the state university of San Marcos.

Peruvian_mummy_1200x768.png?JTDgkXLYVGfF800-year-old-mummy-peru1638033996-0.jpg Source - https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1520778/archaeologists-find-800-year-old-mummy-in-peruhttps://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/27/archaeologists-unearth-mummy-estimated-to-be-at-least-800-years-old-in-peru?,https://jrtpost.com/watch-archaeologists-find-800-year-old-mummy-in-peru/https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/27/archaeologists-unearth-mummy-estimated-to-be-at-least-800-years-old-in-peru

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5 hours ago, Helxig said:

Why... did they tie them up like that?... :blink:

Maybe she was into Ancient BDSM and her master forgot her tied up. 8 centuries later now she's on the news, and he is like ooopsie. :sis: :sis:

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