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Astrid S accuses French Montana of ripping off her song

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The Norwegian pop musician Astrid S has accused French Montana of ripping off her song. In a TikTok video, Astrid S pointed out similarities between her 2016 single “Jump” and French Montana’s “How You King?,” a song from his new album They Got Amnesia that came out last week. Montana is credited as the sole writer on the song, alongside production credits for Hitmaka and FnZ. source

In her video, Astrid S played the songs back-to-back and drew attention to some near-identical lyrics with the same melody


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yeah he should give her writing credits:vegas:

go stream Red (Taylor's Version)
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omg :air:

"There could be 99 toilets in a house, and it's my house" - River, 2021
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Not The Real Gaga

I was like... these songs don't sound alike? But than... I saw the lyrics


MY GOD :air:

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This is crazy. This has to break the record of the worst copy of all time. Like - headlines making. GET YOUR JUSTICE MRS. S 🗣🗣

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If it was only the melody I would have thought of the possiblity of it being a coincidence but after seeing the lyrics are the same :deadbanana:

These things sound ridiculous to me like how difficult can it be for certain artists to come up with a song its not that hard

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