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Gaga posts new TIKTOK

Mother of Puppies

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This era is eating SO much :giveup: Even she acknowledges! Also AH the BTS vids are sooo cute. 

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Ororo Munroe

omg, yes! this iconic line!!! i love her tiktoks, she really turns everything she touches into gold... 

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Yass, what an icon, she can create millions of tiktoks using her own sounds only, I fear the domination she could have on TikTok, we are not ready!

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Rat Boy
11 minutes ago, Meta Mart said:

That's not her...

Agreed, it doesn't sound like her at all. I think it's Patrizia and her Russian accent. :udidnt:

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Love this so much. It's kinda giving me Gagavision too

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y'all she's actually eating a club sandwich in one of the clips :air:

Father, Son, and House of Cucci
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