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Angèle - Bruxelles je t'aime

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The Belgian queen is finally back with a brand new single, called Bruxelles je t'aime
After her highly successful debut album Brol and its hits, Bruxelles je t'aime marks her first solo single since November 2019!

:giveup:  :giveup: 

Giving us beats, giving us angelic French vocals, giving us a message, giving us amazing visuals, choreography and beauty :giveup: 


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I like the video far more than the song itself.

I currently live in France, speak French, and come from the United States – so much of modern French pop blurs together for me. It's the same beats, same kind of melodies, same ideas. I think a lot of artists are too reliant on the French discothèque/house/club sound that's dominated the scene for, what, like 20 years? For every wonderful French song, there's 10 others that are indistinguishable from each other, and it really bugs me because there's so much potential with French music. The lack of experimentation is annoying. I love Angèle, but god, this is so unremarkable. It could be any French popstar's song, and I honestly don't think it's even up to par with much of Brol (which I thought was excellent).

décevante ;(

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