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Timothée Chalamet serves mustache on IG


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he looks weird. i never understood the hype over this man but seeing the dune interviews and his interactions with the cast i get it now. i want him too:messga:

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4 minutes ago, Kimmo said:

I’m like @InTheCloset, I can’t find this guy attractive at all, I also just saw the Dune movie last night and he is not that good of an actor either… choices I guess :awkney:

but i kinda like him now, not because of the looks tho. its more like i liked the way he talks and interacts with the cast members. i havent seen the movie tho

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send it back to the kitchen, its undercooked!

"Δεν είσαι αγάπη. Δεν είσαι αγάπη. Είσαι οφθαλμαπάτη. Η τέλεια οφθαλμαπάτη" - Λαίδη Γκάγκα, 2016
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