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What If: LG5


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Ok, so this isn’t me asking if y’all would prefer the dark and mysterious maybe even disco like LG5 we’ve all imagined about. This is sort of a what if question. So I remember back in summer 2016 there was this idea that Gaga had scrapped that dark sound for something more rock. Obviously it wasn’t that, but I head a track today that reminded me of that sound. So I’ve found this artist that kinda sounds like something Gaga could’ve experimented with if she had Mark Ronson and Nile on her team. So what if Gaga had released songs like these for LG5? Would y’all have been here for it, or would you have preferred Joanne? 



Also “The Cult of Dionysus” would be a great album name too

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2 hours ago, phantasmas said:

I wouldve loved some more Nile songs

her cover of I Want Your Love is sooo good :messga:


I live outside the space time continuum.
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Mother of Puppies

the dude in the first video looks like Markus Molinari

Chromatica doesn't go with my lipstick! 💀
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