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Ed Sheeran being Arrogant & Condescending Part 7

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3 minutes ago, Oreo said:

What! She literally discounted willow to 0.39 cents and released like 4 remix so it can go No.1, she changed the release date of Red because Adele is coming, there are countless examples of her being a chart hungry woman. So....

Yea I’m not saying she doesn’t care, but she doesn’t make a fuss about it in interviews the same Ed or Katy does. Like Katy had a meltdown over E.T. not going to #1 (it eventually did). Then there was an interview with both Ed and Katy and Katy was telling Ed how his song Shape Of You is blocking Chained to the Rhythm. Like gurl I find the way they talk about chart placement so tone deaf and unnecessary. Discounting your singles, albums and switching dates to ones that’ll make you sell or chart better is something most artists do tbh. 

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Truly the male Taylor Swift

His high horse during his career:

16 hours ago, The Fame Monster said:

Imagine how hard it would be for him if one day his singles wouldn’t chart as high as they used to. 

I don’t know him personally obviously, but I truly don’t think it would be that hard on him, he said himself he never expected Bad Habits to be as successful as it has been. While he is happy to see the success his music has, it’s not that he’s just desperate for chart success, he just works hard and is happy to see that work pay off, which is understandable in my opinion.

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