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Grimes wants to start a lesbian commune on one of Jupiter's Moons

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Grimes exclusively told Page Six via email, “I’ll be colonizing [one of Jupiter’s moons] Europa separately from Elon for the lesbian space commune.”

On Friday, Page Six exclusively revealed that Musk and Grimes were taking some space after three years together, but continuing to co-parent their one-year-old son X Æ A-Xii.


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I'm sorry, but I love how she trolls the media. :ladyhaha: She really is Bloodpop's best friend. I would be like them if I was famous. 

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Queen Bitch

Can we get one for gay men too? 

Let's start a gay sex cult in space:legend:

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as she should. a moon for lesbians, a moon for gays, a moon for bisexuals and the straights can live on the sun.

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well shed better give me a free ticket or I'd have to consider her homophobic :classy:

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"back to you, f*cker"
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