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What's your dream HoG promo?

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Now that we have finally reached the 2 month count down to House of Gucci, promo should be starting in the next few weeks. Personally I am looking forward to the lead up and promo to the film just as much as seeing the film itself, since I love hearing Gaga discuss her work. What shows and interviewers would you love for Gaga (and the rest of the cast ) to do for HoG? Here's what I am hoping for

1. SNL

2.  Howard Stern Interview (or any longer interview/discussion)

3. Fallon interview w/ some fun game segment

4. some other more light hearted promo platforms like "answering the wed's most searched questions "

5. Hot Ones ( I know she will probably Never do this) :laughga:

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Cover Heart of Glass as its the promotional song in full Gucci atire :vegas:

also relise its as a single thank you very much :vegas:

Ignore me i drink
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OMG yes, I want her back on SNL as host. :giveup: I wish she would’ve done that for A Star Is Born, it could’ve been amazing if it was Bradley Cooper as host and Lady Gaga as musical guest, and then Gaga would of course appear in some sketches. :vegas:

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She whould do quite a few promo gigs in Italy for a movie like this and cement herself as a legend there :vegas:

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