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Poppy - Flux (Out Now!)


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Our dark priestress Poppy :unicorn: just released her new LP named "Flux", a grunge pop record reminding us Nirvana, Hole, Garbage, No Doubt and Sonic Youth.

In the straight lineage as the three singles previously released (Her, Flux, So Mean) the new songs are more classical in their structures than in her previous record "I Disagree" or in her last EP "Eat".
Once again, Poppy tries something new, and that's what is so exciting about her. Less industrial and metal, this new album may disapoint her recent fans who discovered her through "I Disagree" and who love her hardcore/metal aspect, but for long time fans (like me) it's just another side of her. More of that, Poppy seems here to conciliate with easiness pop, rock and experimentations in a cohesive and organic way :firega:

Songs are pretty direct and go straight to their goals. Pop, alt. rock, grunge, progressive rock, shoegaze are blend together and remind us the best of 90's alt.rock  scene :heart:
The work on her voice is interesting too (raspy, speaking voice, sweet, ethereal, screams...), most of the choruses are catchy and hit hard, lyrics are interesting and are a reflexion about her personna from her perspective. So, what can I expect more?
My only complaint is there is only 9 songs, I hope there will be a deluxe version soon!

Favorite tracks: So Mean, Hysteria, Flux, Lessen The Damage, Never Find My Place
Good Songs: On The Level, Her, As Strange As It Seems
Less favorite track: Bloom



https://music.apple.com/us/album/flux/1576011831    (I don't know how to embed Apple music link sorry) 

What do you think about this new album? What are you fav, less fav tracks? Discuss here, dear followers of Poppy's cult :pray:

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1 hour ago, Esteban said:

My bad, Sir :toofunny:  You know different timezones and dimensions... Anyway, you were faster :applause:

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But my review is better  :kiss:


I agree on both :applause:

Ew, David!
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