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[LISTEN / DL] A Planetary Endeavor: CHЯѲѪАTЇCА Ball by Tokyo Teen


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(Disclaimer: I did not make this - the amazing Tokyo Teen did. I'm just posting it here so more people can listen to it :) TT has put incredible effort into this and I think their live renditions are some of the best I've ever heard. idk how they literally don't work for Gaga lol)

Download made available by Tokyo Teen: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-t1VqCoKrXKLmvPfHAkKyJ0xDatt98kr?usp=sharing





1. The Manifesto Of CHЯѲѪАTЇCА • Prelude
2. Alice
3. Just Dance
4. Telephone
5. Umber Wasteland • Interlude
6. Replay
7. Bloody Mary
8. Dance In The Dark
9. Alejandro
10. Crimson Chairwoman • Interlude
11. Government Hooker
12. Sour Candy
13. LoveGame
14. Cyber Countdown • Interlude
15. Poker Face
16. Heavy Metal Lover
17. 911
18. Paparazzi
19. Ascension To The City Of Tomorrow • Interlude
20. Babylon
21. Rain On Me
22. Bad Romance
23. Sine From Above
24. The Manifesto Of LѲѴЄ • Interlude
25. Stupid Love
26. Born This Way
27. Free Woman
28. 1000 Doves

My personal favourite track is the Babylon interlude (Track 19). :)

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Omg omg omg :excited:


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