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James Corden as Rihanna’s personal assistant in Savage X Fenty show

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I still find it so bizarre seeing him with these A list celebs. I mean...its Smithy...

The hardest thing in this world is to live in it
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I'm so bored of seeing his stupid face everywhere at this point. Glad that finally most people are getting sick of him stateside too. 

I know people that went to school and drama school with him and he's an absolute twat 😂 ditched all of his oldest friends as soon as he started to get big. 

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Reject False Icons

ugh, Rihanna girl what are you doing, he's so annoying :saladga: can't believe celebs still support him, he deserves a bigger fall than Ellen but of course he's a male

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He used to be genuine and sincere but last years since he moved to LA he changed to fake, obnoxious and not funny in any way. Such a shame to see LA have that effect on people. 


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55 minutes ago, Reject False Icons said:

ugh, Rihanna girl what are you doing,

she also chose Nicki to promote her brand
(it was before Nicki's #ballgate but after she and her husband were accused of harassing sexual assault victim)



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