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Grace Randolph says HoG “isn’t that great”


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Youtuber and entertainment critic Grace Randolph said in a livestream that she’s heard from sources that House of Gucci “isn’t that great.”    Her “scoops” are usually legit and she herself rea

I'm gonna have my own opinion so I don't really give a damn about critics... there are movies out there who have gotten an Oscar that I thought were ***** and there are movies who haven't gotten any a

I would take this with a pinch of salt - let's wait until the reviews come out. They said the same about the early cut of A Star Is Born so it could have just been that. 


Imo we have to expect things to not got as well as with ASIB.

After ASIB's huge success + considering how huge the actors are, critics/people will expect a lot and will be more harsh on the reviews I guess

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