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Prankster gets 2 years in prison for faking covid seizure in Russia


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Moscow’s Presnensky Court sentenced blogger Karomatullo Dzhaborov who imitated a Covid spell in the Moscow Metro to 2 years and 4 months in prison.

"My client has been given two years and four months in prison. His other accomplices received suspended sentences," his defense attorney Roman Shakhmanov said.

Dzhaborov pleaded not guilty, saying that he wanted "people to treat the coronavirus seriously" and that the media blew the prank out of proportion.

The prosecution sought a four-year verdict during the hearing.

The police officers were monitoring the media and online space when they stumbled upon the prank performed in the Moscow Metro on February 2, 2020, depicting a man fainting and imitating a sudden fit, his accomplices were shouting that the man contracted a dangerous viral infection to provoke panic among passengers. 


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Very irresponsible thing to do. They got what they deserve :dom:

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ✧*:・゚ Not in denial, I am defiant (*´艸`*) ♡♡♡
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