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LU officer places knee on man's neck.

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I was watching my husband's channel waiting for his story to come on and they did this story. (The full video is in the link.)


An arrest on Liberty University's campus has launched an internal investigation into LU's use of force.

Early Monday morning, three white LUPD officers arrested Charles Miller, who is Black, in the parking lot at Candler's Station.

Miller's son captured a four-minute cellphone video from the driver's side that shows part of the interaction that ended with his father in handcuffs, facing the ground. Footage of the incident first surfaced on Facebook. ABC13 was given permission to show it.



During the struggle, Miller exclaims, "you know it's not right!"

One of the officers sets his knee near Miller's head, then moves it to the base of his neck.

Miller's son asks, "Hey can you get your knee off his neck before he’s the next George Floyd please?"

The offer responds, "sir, my knee is not on his neck."



Even the chief of police says they shouldn't be using this restraint anymore. I find this super problematic coming from Liberty University that had this happen earlier this month: https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/21/us/liberty-university-sexual-assault-lawsuit/index.html

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Not this again. 

This was an official message from the Office of the First Lady.
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If the son wasn't there making a big deal of this, the cop probably would've killed the dad. There should be zero tolerance for this 'manoevre' and using it should end a cop's career.

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