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Grimes works on a podcast called Homo Techno

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Grimes for  Billboard :
"I’m working on a podcast called Homo Techno with my friend Liv [Boeree], who was previously one of the world’s preeminent female poker players. She now works in AI theory and stuff. Our thesis for the podcast is that we’re no longer homo sapiens, we are "homo techno" -- we’re full cyborgs. It investigates the most aggressively controversial theories about futurism or the people who are most on the edge with either their ideas or practices with regards to ways the world can be.'

About new album
It’s a space opera, and I’m trying to make it air-tight, really pull it together, hone it in. With my last album, I had a lot of big ideas, but I just let it be more impressionistic. With this album, I think I have a lot more to say. 
I think we’re going to start dropping singles this summer and then just keep dropping singles and then put the album out four, five, six singles in or something. I am a big album person, but I also like to get music out.

Grimes will host the afterparty for virtual festival Splendour XR on Sunday (July 25) at 10:30 a.m. EST, and promises to play more unreleased music for fans on her Discord server titled Grimes Metaverse Super Beta. https://discord.com/invite/grimessalon


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Homo Techno, a human species that is also known as: ***bots :huntyga: 

j/k :giggle:

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Born This Way

She called one of the mashups on This Story is Dedicated to... Homo Techno. It had Diamonds by Rihanna and Dangerous Woman


Edited by Born This Way
The meaning of life doesn't seem to shine like that screen
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