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Signs of geological activity found on Venus

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Scientists have found evidence parts of Venus's surface move around like pieces of continent on Earth.

And while this activity is probably not driven by plate tectonics, as on Earth, it could be a "cousin" of that process.

The findings fit an emerging picture of a planet very much alive, in contrast to the traditional view of Venus.

Europe is launching a spacecraft, EnVision, to radar-map and gather spectroscopic measurements of the planet's surface and atmosphere.

And Nasa is sending two craft, Veritas and DaVinci+, to Venus, towards the end of this decade.


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Interesting :oprah:

It's good to see Venus is finally getting some love. It's been a while since we've sent anything to melt into its crust :emma:

Piacere, Girolamo, Trombetta 💚🤝💜
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3 minutes ago, KORG said:

Why are the craft not called Aphrodite and Rocket number 9? Homophobia.

Certainly with the number of Gays in DC we can get someone's staff to fast track this??

Purr more, hiss less.
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I love that Venus is not crusty like Earth but it's more fluid - gen Z sovereign planet

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