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Ed Sheeran shares snippet and teases music video for "Bad Habits"

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9 hours ago, MANiCURE 6 said:


Sounds like a 90s Vengaboys soft rock crossover... :billie:

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Snippet of the song:  

Abel Walmart version ew

Are we all in agreement to not stream or buy his music? 

On 6/16/2021 at 2:11 PM, Chromatography said:

y’all wanted more from a male pop star and you got it.

We take that back, we don’t want anything from them 

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11 hours ago, MANiCURE 6 said:


This is giving me "about 10 minutes of work in my digital audio workstation" vibes. Where is the production value? It sounds lazy.

I'm sure the GP will devour it as if it's the most interesting and engaging song ever written :lmao:

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Taking an extended break from GGD. Ttyl.
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To me, this is good. I can't stop repeat this snippet 😍


A pop song influenced by 90s house ❤

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