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Did This Singer Really Die On Stage?

Angelina Stefania

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the Devil of Pop

It's a music video. Creepy tho. From the YT comments:



1 year ago

From german wikipedia article "Wilfried Hochholdinger": Hochholdinger also appears as the singer in the music video for the title Too Much Love by the German group Get Well Soon, in which he, standing at the microphone, collapses. The video is also re-uploaded under the name Zoltan dies on Stage on various sites including YouTube, always giving the impression that it shows the real death of a musician during a performance in a Swedish music show - without, however, referring to the actual background of the group and the actor.

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It wasn’t a real death. He is an actor. 

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Oh yeah, I remember this.

But no, it was fake.

EDIT: The name Zoltan always reminds me of this :laughga:

ashton kutcher film GIF

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