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Do you think Gaga is gorge


Do u think Lady Gaga is pretty  

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There was a time when people thought lady Gaga was unattractive especially during the fame era.This is still somewhat talked about-I think it’s bc she isn’t considered classily beautiful but personally I think Gaga is gorge




literal goddess




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Just now, AUARAOFSHEISSE said:



omg the iconic "Ma-ma Pa-pa-pa Perfect Illusion" single cover:bradley:

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Trixie Mattel

Indeed, she isn't classically beautiful, it's more of a strong and confident beauty, the kind of beauty that projects power

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  • AUARAOFSHEISSE changed the title to Do you think Gaga is gorge

I don't even know what people mean by classically beautiful? I would argue that she is classically beautiful. She looks like an old time Hollywood actress or those faces you see in classic paintings. I guess she doesn't fit the "modern" beauty standard of a tanned "mixed" look like Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner.

I thought people would call her ugly because she dressed weird, so nobody focused on her face. The only "unconventional" trait is her tall nose. If you look at her old high school pictures, she looks like the NYC girl next door type. 


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Duh! I'm only sad because all the fillers are not helping her at all imo. 2008 to 2013 was her peak imo

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Where's the YASSS option?


But yes she definitely is 


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I read "do you think Gaga is George" and I was like wtf

Of course she's gorgeous her veil protects the gorgeousness of her face

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She is always so beautiful to me. I love her face, it's mesmerising. 

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She’s unbelievably beautiful. Crafter by the hands of Venus herself :legend:

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Stanley Digaga

Yes, she is the most beautiful ! I know I'm biased but I just think it's true :oops:

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Shes so gorgeous:cryga:i feel bad for ppl who call her ugly bcoz they are blind. Ariana Grande Rain On Me GIF by Lady GagaLady Gaga GIF

lady gaga GIF

How can anoyone not love gaga
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Yes, I think she always was and still is very pretty & attractive.

She has just worn a lot of crazy outfits and even crazier make up, which was not always the most flattering. Combine this with having pictures taken at all times that can also sometimes be a bit unflattering because of angles and lighting. This happens to anyone in the spotlight. We "regular" people are just lucky that we don't have our pictures taken 24/7


I think she has charisma and a very unique kind of beauty that I really like. Is it a modern kind of classic beauty? Probably arguable - but then again - all those influencers to me all look the same. A lot of them get fillers so they have huge lips, get a nose job so it's a tiny nose. I mean it's ok if people want to look that way, but sometimes I find it a bit sad that everybody aims for perfection and I think it's also boring. I think it's lovely to have some nice traits that not everybody has. It makes you unique.


I guess finding someone attractive doesn't necessarily have anything to do with "beauty standards".


And I prefer it when she doesn't exaggerate the fillers.







and this picture is gorgeous! She has themost beautiful skin



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I have to laugh.
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Healed My Heart

Like, SO gorge. It shocks me that anyone has ever thought otherwise.

She/her 💗💜💙
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