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House of Gucci will premier during September film festivals

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1 hour ago, LastNight said:

Yeah I agree, I don’t think ASIB’s lack of awards success has to do with it peaking too soon because of the trailer release time.

Gaga is amazing in it, she did a phenomenal job (especially for her first leading movie role) but the film itself is quite weak in a lot of ways - it’s really noticeable when you do a rewatch and the thrill of seeing Gaga and hearing the music for the first time is gone. Bradley did a great job as a first time director, and it has some really brilliant moments, but it didn’t deserve any more wins than it got. The soundtrack was absolutely fantastic and really elevated the entire thing imo.

It would be cool if they did leave it a little longer for Gucci though, and just released a short teaser and a poster in July and then a full trailer mid-late August. Things move so quickly nowadays so maybe a tighter schedule is better? Who knows - I’ll take whatever we get :laughga:


1 hour ago, RAMROD said:

Y'all, I know it is easy to get inflated sense of ego rn after the last time. But we need to still keep calm.

Also, don't forget that Ridley Scott have a very patchy reputation with his movies. He is hot and cold. Even the one franchise that he originally made famous for.  We hope for the best of course!


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That’s too soon.A trailer coming next month I think

There can be 2 socially distanced people in a room 

Another premiere season is coming 


I am trying to snatch tickets for London 

Venice is when I am moving into a new flat :/ 

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2 hours ago, DiamondHeart326 said:

😬 that's not what happened at all. It just wasn't a groundbreaking role. The award is best actress and even though she was amazing it's just not a role that she hadn't already played her entire life cuz she is a musician. This time there's an actual character, a real life character at that, and I think if she is as good as she has been in American horror story and asib then this time she is a shoe in. I mean Glenn Close was amazing in the wife. The competition this year doesn't so far seem so great but I'm sure there's movies not on my radar yet but still I see this being good for her. Fall releases aren't usually when the timing curse happens it's usually the movies at the beginning of the eligibility period like summer movies usually late fall and xmas day releases do best. Like black swan came out on xmas day, but tbh Natalie Portman was insanity in that role she nailed it. 

Gaga was never going to win. And I'm glad she didn't because she needs to earn her stripes as an actress. She has already overachieved at acting. It's incredible for a super A list singer to make that transition into acting (and I mean serious acting, not Rihanna in Oceans 13 😐) and to succeed. 

She would have had a backlash if she had beaten Glenn Close. Olivia Colman just about got away with it bc she charmed everyone with her speech. It was the perfect year for Gaga bc she got to take her place as a nominee, made sure everyone has no choice but to take her seriously as an actress now. And also got to fcking slay the music category and stand on that stage as an Oscar winner. 


In saying all that I'm not going into Gucci expecting Oscars. I don't really think it's the best way to watch movies bc you are inevitably setting yourself up for disappointment. This fandom will expect Oscars though and if it's not that type of movie they will call it a flop and drama will ensue. Bc for a lot of stans they don't really care about her work if it doesn't get some silverware or break records. It's of no use to them in twitter stan wars.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to it. I hope its really entertaining. Its a tricky one to promote bc the story is so juicy and soap opera like  yet Gaga won't want to be seen to disrespect anyone. 

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Do we know that there’s gonna be in person red carpets? She could obviously go to the ones in New York and Colorado but are these other countries gonna want people flying in from all over the world?

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