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Dorian Electra - positions


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25 minutes ago, Galagala said:

Sorry, this is TRASH (actually hilarious) for me personally. I don't have a superior music taste like some of you do here. :oops:  Glad you enjoy this artwork.:vegas: 



It okay. There's no such a thing called "superior music taste ":oops: There's only your own experience and remember to cherish it :heart:

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Dorian is proof that you don't need any actual skill to be a notable artist - you just need rich parents to allow you the time and funding.

stream this masterpiece fats

this is NOT what charli xcx sounds like...more like 100 gecs and further on the hyper pop scale. charli is on the cusp of typical pop and hyper pop

5 hours ago, weloveheragain said:

pretty sure she’d feel good about people « copying » her and carrying on her legacy

Stop spreading hate ✌

I'm not spreading hate, I don't hate Dorian or any other of the many SOPHIE ripoffs. I just think that their whole gimmick is very stale and they should try to find some originality in their own styles and mannerisms rather than copy pasting it from SOPHIE and making it... laughable.

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6 hours ago, alsemanche said:

literally the exact same "argument" people use to trash all kinds of music, ranging from Sophie to Fiona Apple. 

PoTs aNd PaNs NoIsE hurrdurr 

It’s so funny to me how many here call for a Gaga experimental album and whenever something even mildly experimental gets posted here they call it “noise” lol. But then again, these are the same people who think BTW and ARTPOP are the pinnacle of experimentation :laughga:

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