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Sine From Above vs. Plastic Doll


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Which of the two remixes off my 90's remix album of Chromatica do you prefer snd want to hear first?!

Sine From Above:

Plastic Doll:

The first three songs I've already released are on the channel of the video above :oops::kiss:

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Charles Leclerc

Sine From Above is the only correct answer 

Pls make the full version :firega: (Better Of Alone is one of my fave song from the 90s)

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SFA obviously because of Better Off Alone sample, a.k.a 90s best song 

13 minutes ago, Hebi said:

Isn't the first one just a David Guetta's Play Hard ripoff :billie:



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Sine obviously. But Plastic Doll grew on me alot.  

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -Martin Luther King Jr.
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1 hour ago, milam said:

as i think sine from above is already perfect and i really don't like plastic doll...PLASTIC DOLL! i feel you can make me like it

Thank you!! My version of Plastic Doll is a bit more dramatic and has a darker edge to it than the original song.

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