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David Dobrik severely injured friend for stunt


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My anxiety went 📈

This is what happens when people get too much money and power when they're too young and haven't grown up first


I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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Never understood how he got so popular. He’s always just been a asshole.

Yeah, that’s what happens when people have any slight power. They don’t get called out until there is a net of people willing to do it at the same time. Once the first brick is thrown it opens doors f

Um aren't there laws about this sh*t?


Is he ok though? I keep reading on blogs and reddit that he got some sort of brain damage due to this accident and that is just heartbreaking. David is just such a disgusting jerk

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this makes me really mad....why the **** would you play with construction equipment like it's a jungle gym 

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