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Gretchen & tulla (famous reaction gifs) are problematic af

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Tulla talking about nicki Minaj 



This is disheartening considering she has a transgender son 


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If this is an accurate translation that isn't taken out of context I'm disappointed 


So apparently she said what she said but now she's sorry. Basically she's saying that she expressed herself in a bad way but she didn't mean to hurt anybody in the LGBT community and remarks that she also has a trans son.


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Gretchen’s son is a heavy Bolsonaro supporter and believes in reverse racism. Gretchen is actually more open and progressive than him.

Tulla is schizophrenic, her living situation with her husband is sketchy as ****. I think her memes are very problematic because basically people are laughing and making fun of a person living with schizophrenia having a breakdown on camera.

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