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The #FreeBritney movement turns 2 years old today!

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2 years ago today, the voicemail leaked of a Paralegal stating that Britney was being held in a mental health facility against her will, which started this whole movement.

2 years on and the movement is only getting bigger and we are slowly getting closer to Britney's freedom.

It is amazing how dedicated Britney's fan base has been and how loyal they are to Britney - I genuinely have never seen anything like this before. This is no longer a 'conspiracy theory', like people first tried to claim it was back then. As Britney even said she welcomes to the informed support of her many fans and wishes for things to be public. It's also amazing to see how different fan bases are joining together for this movement, to give Britney her basic human rights.

The movement has gained a lot of attention, from the media, celebrities, light has been shed on Conservatorship abuse, New York Times did a hugely popular documentary on her situation.

I'm so proud of the Britney fanbases and those different fanbases that have joined in to help raise more awareness for her situation :bradley:

A LOT has happened these past two years, but I thought i'd share some amazing pictures from the many Free Britney rallies that have been taking place for the past 2 years now.








#FreeBritney ♡
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The steadily rise of the movement, the networks picking up the story and the whole of america possibly undergoing a change with conservatorship laws etc. 

Honestly really hope that things continue to change, the public remains to be active about this and that Britney will soon finally taste the freedom she deserves. 

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