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Aura or Aura - machette kills?

Aura or Aura - Machette kills  

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  1. 1. Standard or Machette kills.

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There have been two additions of Aura. There is the standard from the album and the latter was used in a promotional trailer for the film 'Machette kills'. Which do you prefer?


I've learned love is like a brick. You can build a house or sink a dead body
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isn't it the same thing, just one have the movie sounds in it?

stoned and demented, walking through the walls
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chromatic puzea

the one that isn't constantly interupted by dialogue and filled with obnoxious sound effects and gun shots

hard to even fathom which parts you should believe
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Stupid Oreo

where are the demo options? those raw vocals were the best

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1 hour ago, FudgeyBear said:

The demo is the only true answer :messga:

The demo of Aura that leaked right before Swinefest, not Burqa. I love Burqa but something about the Aura's (demo) vocals and instrumental is better than Burqa.

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I currently prefer the album version. Yes, those angry and raw vocals slay, but the demo is way too LQ and unpolished compared to the released version tbh. Plus the official version's vocals aren't that bad

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