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Is Queen Nicki's ARTPOP?

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After highly acclaimed album The Pinkprint, Nicki's Born This Way, Nicki released Queen and people mocked her and said she was over. She poured her soul and her creative expression into that magical piece of ARTPOP.

Should we make a petition for her to release Queen Act II?


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Gagas lil monster

Yes! It is my favourite album of hers with underrated bops (come see about me, ganja burn, baby dreams, rich sex ect) justice for Queen!

With Peace and love
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queen era was kinda boring
nicki did the same thing over and over again

and her music in general is so far from gaga, there's no point of even comparing the two
queen is nothing like ARTPOP, and born this way is nothing like pinkprint

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Nah, it's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

It's critical reception is mixed and the era was messy like:

• canceled Roman in Moscow video,

• that amazing yet critically panned Roman Holiday Grammys performance,

• the videos were jumbled like the album's third single's video got released first than the album's first single, 

• delayed release

• scrapped singles


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So... dose "people" you said mean pop stans?

Because if "people" mean hip hop fan, I feel like it would been another situation. :bear:

And no, Queen is not ARTPOP. 


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Is it ahead of its time tho

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No. It wasn't as interesting, captivating or rebelious. Unless you count her rebelling against Billboard for giving her a #2 chart placement. 

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Queen is a BOP of an album, but Nicki however...:laughga: I think how messy everything got is exactly why that album went nowhere 

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