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Usher under fire for allegedly giving fake money to dancers

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chromatic puzea

i- this cannot be real

how much did each bill even cost to produce like who is benefiting from this?

hard to even fathom which parts you should believe
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Not him throwing his merch at dancers. :laughga:
I would ban him from that club. It isn’t money lol. He’s technically just tossing objects at the staff. 

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Battle 4 Ur Life


"We own the Downtown, hear our sound."
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Usher money exists tho

Kanye West Is Blonde And Gone
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Imagine working your a$$ off (no pun intended) thinking you have to DELIVER because he’s a celebrity and that could be huge for the place you work at only for him to give you fake money as a tip...


We don’t really need to talk too much, show each other what we know 🦋
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