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Are we living through the end of "Diva Worship"?

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1 minute ago, Trixie Mattel said:

You raise a good point, but a couple of things:

1. I normally don't listen to music for the lyrical content or subject matter, but instead for the way the song is composed or the mood or cadence of the song itself. Basically beat over lyrics. I actually tend to listen to more instrumental songs over songs with vocals. So music for me isn't really something that I can "relate to", its always been more about the way I experience or feel it sonically.

2. And when it comes to vocals I consider them to be an instrument, of which I prefer the female voice over the male voice, kind of like how someone might prefer a saxophone over a trumpet, its possible that that preference may be due to exposure, but I personally don't think so because:

3. I am pretty sure my initial preference for female voices is more nature than nurture. Why? Because growing up all of my cousins listened to either alternative, rock or metal music by Male Singers and I couldn't relate to any of it, even though I grew up around it. I do however remember really liking Barbie Girl by Aqua at a young age and generic house music and having no idea why, I just liked it. And there was certainly a pattern of me listening to similar... overtly theatrical songs at that age. The thing is, all of this was happening long before I had any sort of idea regarding my sexuality (long before puberty) which leads me to believe, as stated above, that my preference for female voices is more genetic than exposure to my environment.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to convince you that you're wrong on this, because I don't know you and your psychology. 

I have a very similar experience to yours. I would just argue that, while you may not listen to music for the lyrical content, you don't relate to male musicians because you don't relate to their projection of masculinity and therefore don't get that same experience.

It's possible that even at a very young age, you where drawn to that musically instinctively and intuitively because subconsciously it appealed to you more than the masculinity depicted by male rock artists. When that appeals to you at a young age you then naturally become more receptive to it and you gain a preference for it later in life.

If you don't feel that applies to your experience then that's fine :) 

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Nah, I mean its great that there are more gay artists, but from a purely musical/sonic point of view, there's always been something that just draws me more towards female voices over male voices. 

Nope. ‘There is an increasing amount of openly gay artists’   These boys ruled the world, and still gay men flocked to their gals.   Regardless of same

For those who are unfamiliar with the term of "Diva Worship" it's basically the tendency for gay man to stan female "Diva's" whether older artists such as Diana Ross, Cher, Barbra Streisand, Bette Mid

Angelina Stefania

Absolutely not, sis. Gay men love divas and female singers. It's  just right now music straight white guys listen to ie) rap is selling better and the women in music aren't releasing a single frequently as they use to. And music has become more and more about having a hit than having a cultural impact. That cultural impact, ie) diva worship isn't getting attention, its just the numbers getting it.

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This is a really interesting topic. Thanks for sharing. 

I personally don't think it's coming to an end because I believe gay men (especially) will always gravitate towards female role models, and 'pop queens'. 

Yes, we have some brilliant LGBTQ+ male artists that are changing the game - but here's the thing: the gay community only really embraces them when they take a leaf from the pop diva's books... in terms of visuals, fashion and music. Just look at the reaction to Montero in comparison to, say, Old Town Road. 

That proves to me that females will always lead the way and 'set the rules' for what makes a 'good' pop star for 'stan' culture and the gay community. Does that make sense?

I also think gays (and by extension, 'stans') find it easier to champion women because they are 1) less threatening, and 2) free from direct comparison. I think it's harder for a gay person to 'support' (as in really, really support) a gay artist than, say, Lady Gaga, because that gay artist represents (possibly) what the listeners wishes they were/could be but struggle to become because of social standards. With a woman, there is less direct comparison and thus, no sense of inferiority.

I think it kind of links into internalised heteronormativity/homophobia, too. Sometimes watching a gay artist 'live their fantasy' can maybe be triggering for some gay people, because it highlights qualities in the gay listener that they might suppress in themselves or not fully embrace. 

I don't know. I hope I don't offend anyone with this opinion. This is just a few thoughts I had when reading the OP. 

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subtext / fantasy
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1 hour ago, Autumn said:

yes. billie, ariana, taylor etc. all have huge fanbases but not in the same larger-than-life sense as beyonce, gaga or madonna. female popstars are relatable and down to earth now, and no longer these huge divine goddesses.

You almost made a point until you left out Britney, who has a massively huge fanbase and her fans are literally fighting for her. So then I stopped reading after that.

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I think the "diva" dies since people aren't here for the big glam and luxery they represent. People want to see real things and real feelings and not an attitude to cover up scars or wounds. 

You've got to earn your leather in this part of town
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i think as long as the patriarchal binary system for sexuality and identity remains unchallenged and in place, “strong females” will continue to un/consciously represent the “inner” (i.e., hidden/shunned) need of “the other” to be validated and accepted via the bombastic/celebratory gravitas of “the diva” that goes against/contradicts socio-cultural normatives (i.e., the white, heterosexual male in power).

stella + elliot = stelliot
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3 hours ago, Bebe said:

I sure hope female figures will always be in fashion and celebrated too.

Despite what it may seem like on sites like these, data shows that artists like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Cardi B, Ariana Grande have largely female audiences.


It makes sense that most females gravitate to female artists and most males gravitate to male artists as they are the people they relate to.

A world in which gay people start gravitating more to queer artists doesn't mean that they will stop enjoying female artists or that female artists will cease to exist.

Wow, interesting. I kinda knew straight guys had terrible taste tho.

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Regina George

I don’t think so. Girls are still at the top when it comes to stans/fans and overall fandom culture. ALSO like Gaga said.. Gay people LOVE independent, strong, selfmade women that are not afraid to be unapologetic and sexual. That won’t change anytime soon. 

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M i K E Y

Female artists just do it better. They put up a greater show and have more beautiful songs (in my opinion) 

My debut album ''Dance Floor Melancholy'' is out July 2nd!
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6 hours ago, frederiickx said:

You almost made a point until you left out Britney, who has a massively huge fanbase and her fans are literally fighting for her. So then I stopped reading after that.

i also missed out christina aguilera, cher, katy perry, janet jackson and nicki minaj. calm down.

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Galactic Mess

I think the concept of what makes a fan is changing, because with streaming and the internet we have far more options now. There is little space for deifying singers nowadays. Celebrities are becoming more intimate and relatable. Gaga might very well have been the last typical popstar.

Besides, the “typically straight” music and artists are becoming more welcoming towards gays now (not always, but it’s ever more common).

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