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Drake is postponing his new album ‘Certified Lover Boy’


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1 minute ago, Justin Drew Bieber said:

Don’t worry y’all, Justin’s coming next monthjustin bieber copy cat GIF by 2016 MTV EMA

Stop threatening us.

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Hopefully gets canceled. 

I dont understand why artist like him are so famous, listening one if his sngs is like listening all of them. 

Still, hope he gets better and gets recovered. 

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That seems like a good decision, mixing the release of an album with surgery recovery would've been quite stressful and not good for his health. I'm sure the fans will be there once he's ready.

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22 minutes ago, jimmytimestep said:

Forecast calls for Hurricane Adele, methinks.

yeah from what Alan Carr said i'm pretty sure she's coming

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8 minutes ago, TimisaMonster said:

Rehab? :what:

I think he means rehab as in physical therapy for recovering from the injury and surgery, not rehab as for battling addiction. I have to think which one every time I see it called that too

⚡ Gaga, Rammstein, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Kraftwerk, Machine Girl, & Death Grips 🐲
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14 minutes ago, TimisaMonster said:

Rehab? :what:

He tore his ACL, "rehab" in this case means extensive physiotherapy to get the knee to work at least 90% as good as it did before the injury.

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