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Joanne UO Exclusive Vinyl!

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Damn it! I already have the original UO Pink Exclusive. guess I need this one too

Hey so my Joanne Vinyl got delivered today and I know we already had pictures of it but I wanted to share mine anyways. It is Gaga's prettiest vinyl imo. @Sine From Above @Wheeyo    

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Just now, Eido said:

There is nothing 

it's only on the North American store so if you're international (like myself) it will redirect you to your local country. You have to click Shop North America at the bottom of the page under Quick Links. 

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Why is the colour lowkey serving more Chromatica than Joanne :giveup: it’s a very nice colour


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ooh it’s so pretty! i was expecting baby blue but i’m glad they didn’t go for the obvious 

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I was about to reply "why"


Until I saw it 😍 Shame these limited edition UO vinyls are almost never available on the UK.

Sucks even more I don't have a turntable :huntyga:

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It’s beautiful. I’m just wondering why they went for a marbled and  gradient rather than the solid colors, like the rest of their Gaga exclusives

On second thought, love is enough
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Just bought! Well with all these UO exclusives, I will not have every Gaga solo album on vinyl except Chromatica

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