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Most influential celebrities in 2020 election (study)


Some of the more interesting stats (in my opinion) are below but there's a lot more in the article (link)


Conducted by Whitman Insight Strategies and MRC Data in partnership with DISQO, the survey polled 1,103 likely voters (48 percent male; 52 percent female) across the United States from Oct. 8-13 to examine the intersections of entertainment, influence and politics ahead of the Nov. 3 election. MRC Data is a division of MRC, part owner of The Hollywood Reporter.

Influence + awareness

Overall, 12 percent of voters reported that an entertainer or athlete influenced their thinking regarding the election. Influence is higher among Black voters (28 percent), Hispanic/Latino voters (20 percent), LGBTQ (17 percent), Gen Z and Millennials (both 17 percent). Down the party line, Democratic voters are more likely to be influenced by athletes or entertainers than Republican voters at 17 percent to 9 percent. Among all voters, 36 per cent said that [Lebron] James has done the most to raise awareness and motivate people regarding voting. Taylor Swift came in second with 13 percent, Johnson at 9 percent and Winfrey with six percent...

Influence (just Gen Z)

...Tying with five percent were Cardi B, Beyoncé and Colin Kaepernick. James (22 percent), Swift (18 percent), Beyoncé and Cardi B (8 percent) all swayed Gen Z voters but Kanye West entered the mix in the age group by taking 11 percent. Swift’s positive sway among voters comes during a year when the superstar singer-songwriter has been consistently using her massive platform (87.3M on Twitter) to speak out on political issues.

Most trusted 

Asked to name the person whose opinion they trusted the most regarding political or social issues in America, Hanks came in first among total voters by tallying 49 percent. He was followed closely by Johnson with 45 percent, Winfrey with 38 percent and James with 32 percent. Broken down by Democratic voters, the results were similar with Winfrey (55 percent) followed by Hanks (53 percent), Johnson (47 percent) and James (44 percent).

Among Gen Z voters, those with the most trusted opinions are recent Emmy winner Zendaya coming in at No. 1 with 59 percent of the votes, followed by Beyoncé (56 percent), Johnson (51 percent), James (43 percent), Winfrey (40 percent) and John Legend (40 percent).

Black voters trust James (67 percent), Winfrey (55 percent), Kaepernick (54 percent) and Legend (53 percent).

LGBTQ voters look to Lady Gaga (45 percent) followed by Winfrey (43 percent), Johnson (37 percent) and Beyoncé (36 percent).

Unsurprisingly Gaga was the most trusted by LGBT voters (45%), unfortunately that was the only time she appeared in the article (I think)

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I’m curious who is most influential for the Republicans. Kristie Alley? Scott Baio? Roseanne? The Duck Dynasty family? :selena:

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it's... weird people get their political opinions from celebrities but to each their own i guess :selena: 

i honestly can't talk though bc i am privileged in the sense that i eventually got an education in civics which unfortunately a lot of people do not get, because k-12 education regarding it is really really bad in the USA (at least in my experience), and even in college.... idk if it's addressed enough. where i went, you were required to take the 100 level course in politics in order to graduate in anything, but it went no further than that, whereas you are also required to take four semesters of a foreign language, which, idk if it's as helpful to the society as a whole :duck: maybe two semesters of a foreign language and two to three semesters of civics would be a better standard. 


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