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Britney posts new IG video talking about the beach

1 hour ago, QueenHunty said:


I understand fans saying "Free Britney!" because you all love and support her, as if she's being held captive, but I really don't think that's the case. Being someone who's struggled with mental illness myself, I see it from another perspective. Her family has probably kept a watchful eye on her for the past decade because she might be a danger to herself as far as self harm and substance abuse, etc, much like when Gaga had people surrounding her at all times to help her and monitor her during the time leading up to Chromatica because of her severe depression. Though it may seem to an outsider that she's being held against her will and being denied her rights, who's to say that it isn't actually the best thing for her? No one knows what's really going on behind closed doors. All of her social media posts clearly show that she's ill and will probably never be the same Britney we once knew before, I wouldn't expect her to ever put out music/perform again. She's probably living in a very controlled, monitored environment where family and friends check up on her regularly and she can get the mental care she needs from therapists/doctors. She isn't the person that became famous 20 years ago, I think some of you need to come to terms with that and look back at her older performances/music and appreciate it for what it is. She's never going to have a 'comeback' at this point. 

I appreciate you taking the time to write that out. Honestly, ideally yes... what you said should be happening, but her family is living in Louisiana full-time. Britney is constantly alone and isolated. She was spotted recently on a hike and at the beach, alone both times. 

"Free Britney" is not about removing structure and support, it's about shining light on an injustice that's taken place before our very eyes. One of the most famous woman in the world couldn't even hire her own lawyer for the last 12 years (that changed last week finally).

Struggling with your mental health does not = letting others have total control over every personal and financial aspect of your life - to the point where you can't even legally fight it. Imagine how that must feel? So is she still in a conservatorship because of her mental health? Or is her mental health affected because of the conservatorship? If she weren't a millionaire pop star with the name to generate millions more, would she be in a conservatorship? Or, a "hybrid business model" as they once called it. 

Bottom line is where there's smoke there's fire. This situation for her has gone on far too long and it's time for change. 

All love.

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I love her but her IG stories are always so cringe :derpga:

I hope she’s okay 

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Some of you guys are so delusional with your Britney sensitivity that you overlook clear signs of mental instability. 

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