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911 Hand-Drawn Poster by me


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Hi monsters, it's me again with some new art :ally:

I just finished my newest 911-inspired poster and wanted to share! I LOVED the music video and so I combined the exotic visuals with my style of drawing and kept it in a style of a vintage movie poster. I also used some Armenian text and numerals for aesthetics, as I absolutely love the cultural background of the video. It's all hand-drawn too.

Anyway, here it isL

Please share your thoughts and if you're on IG, pretty please tag Gaga or the Haus members for me :kiss:

And be well!

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2 hours ago, Million Gypsies said:

HAND DRAWN?! :ladyhaha:



2 hours ago, Twitter said:

This is amazing! :enigma:


1 hour ago, Yennefer Stark said:

This is so good omg!


1 hour ago, Monsterabriel said:

Amazing I love the detail! I always love fanart of gaga!

Aww, thanks so much! :kara:

Really means a lot! And yes, it is hand-drawn. 

I've been working in digital a bit lately but I'm still new there and I felt that this one is too complex for me at the moment so I went for traditional.

2 hours ago, PartySick said:

Holy sh*t :air: can I frame this? :air:

Ofcourse! If you're willing to wait a bit, it should also be on my Society6 soon in case you want to get a HQ print or some other stuff with it on :heart:

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1 hour ago, JustHMLover2 said:

This might be the best fan art I saw this era!!! 

Amazing work! 

Aww, this is SUCH a huge compliment :giveup:

Thank you so much! :kiss:

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