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What colors do you see the Chromatica Songs as?


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For me, I have Synesthesia, Chromesthesia, and the other condition where I can also smell certain songs as well. Nothing too powerful, but I have all that nevertheless.

1. Alice - For Alice I see a red color, like even the title itself it just makes me think of red.





2. Stupid Love - Actually I see 3 colors for this song, but like all together? I see the same colors that I see for Why Me? which is the Orange, Magenta, and Cyan combo





3. Rain On Me - Even before it was announced, I heard the leaked snippets and immediately thought of a purplish color





5. Free Woman - Green, just a pretty darker green color, like the one used on all the Sour Candy merch





5. Fun Tonight - I see this as like a brownish color, but this song I don't really know what I feel, but I always think of brown when I hear the intro so this is what I'm going with





6. 911 - This one I actually see a BUNCH of different colors, and that's what I love about the song, not only is it my favorite sonically but it gives me so many colors in my mind! I mostly see black and pink though so I'm going with that



Black.png 3600x3600-hot-pink-solid-color-backgroun


7. Plastic Doll - I see a boring grey color mostly, maybe it's because it's my least favorite, but overall I just feel like it's a very "pink" song, so I'm going with that.





8. Sour Candy - I actually do see that greenish color that it was promoted with, I would've felt like that either way, it has the same kind of chords as Monster and I always associated Monster with a green color too since I first heard it back in 4th grade, same with Telephone





9. Enigma - This song gives me a few feelings, but most of them feel more yellowish brownish than any of the other songs do, NOT gold at all btw





10. Replay - This song gives me REALLY dark vibes so I just image like a dark red-pink color





11. Sine From Above - ALWAYS heard this with a blue color, ever since day 1 (pop a-), and I've just never imagined it as anything else.





12. 1000 Doves - Same with Plastic Doll I've just never really thought of any other color besides a flat one, but I guess white is just its color then, I picture white time from time again while listening to it





13. Babylon - I actually see this as a golden color, something dark, but bright at the same time, like gold that's on a foil where it can appear dark, but if you shine light on it than it's bright, you know what I mean? I feel that coming from Babylon, it's pretty cool :vegas:





Anyway, besides Love Me Right which I get a light blue feeling from, there's not much else to talk about besides the endless Stupid Love remixes :bear:

Tell me what you think down below and do you also see a certain color for these songs like I do? Commend down below :) 

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Danny Milk

In my head it's this


Alice - Light Blue/Peach
SL - Hot Pink
ROM - Light Purple
FW - Any neon colors
FT - Blue
911 - Red
PD - Light Pink
SC - Bright Green
Enigma - Silver/Mirror
Replay - Black & Yellow
SFA - Blue/Yellow (Like lightning)
1000 Doves - White
Babylon - Gold

But the colors are probably more like this (if you loosely follow the chromatic color scale)


Alice - Red
Stupid Love - Pink
ROM - Purple
Free Woman - Dark Blue/Indigo
Fun Tonight - Light Blue
911 - Teal
Plastic Doll - Lime Green
Sour Candy - Emerald Green
Enigma - Chartreuse
Replay - Yellow
SFA - Orange-Yellow
1000 Doves - Orange
Babylon - Gold


I guess it doesn't really matter
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Alice - Grey

Stupid Love-Pink

Rain On Me- Purple

Free Woman-Yellow

Fun Tonight-Blue


Plastic Doll-Purple


Sour Candy-Green


Sine From Above-Black/White

1000 Doves-White


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ok I didn't look at your colors so I wouldn't get biased. Mostly I see the colors from the pink-y thing that's all over Chromatica, but I'mma try

Alice - pink-y slime-y thing-y

Stupid Love - pink (I wonder why :yennefer:)

EDIT: I actually think it's blue here tbh

Rain On Me - dark pink mixed with purple

Free Woman - silver-ish

Fun Tonight - black/brown

911 - red and blue, probably because of police siren

Plastic Doll - black

Sour Candy - dark red, like velvet

Enigma - green

Replay - sort of navy blue mixed with some lighter tones

Sine From Above - blue-ish like a rainy night sky

1000 Doves - purple

Babylon - turquoise

I dont have a color for the interludes

EDIT: @DC I suggest to you put spoiler tags in your colors, I think they may get some people biased if they look at your colors first before answering your post

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Alice - Hot Pink 
Stupid Love - Pink
Rain On Me - Dark Purple
Free Woman - Yellow
Fun Tonight - Orange
911 - Red
Plastic Doll - Bright Purple 
Sour Candy - Black
Enigma - Light Blue
Replay - Dark Blue
Sine From Above - Dark Green
1000 Doves - White/Silver
Babylon - Light Green
Love Me Right - Gold

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Alice - Neon pink and dark green

Stupid Love - Pink

Rain On Me - Purple

Free Woman - Pink and Red

Fun Tonight - Grey and blue

911 - Blue and red

Plastic Doll - Black, pink, purple 

Enigma - Green, blue and orange

Sour Candy - green and pink

Replay - neon yellow and orange

Sine From Above - grey, bright yellow, blue, black, white

1000 Doves - blue and white

Babylon - brown

A messy blend of logic and sass
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Chromatica I & Alice : Dark Orange 

Stupid Love : Pink

Rain On Me : Purple

Free Woman : White

Fun Tonight: Dark Purple

Chromatica II & 911: Black and purple

Plastic Doll: Dark Blue

Sour Candy: Yellow, pink and green

Enigma: Blue

Replay: Grey

Chromatica III & Sine From Above: Dark Blue, Black and White

1000 Doves: Blue

Babylon: Green

Love Me Right: Pink



Come come, unwrapp me!
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Warhol Killer

Sorry I was saving my post here haha

EDIT: I associate mine with the color wheel's arrangement of colors (only on the first act lol) + the tribes I associate them with.



I see Free Woman as blue because of the Freedom Fighters and 911  as red because of the Government Officials. Sour Candy feels neon green to me and I associate Replay with yellow because it's very bright and vivid to me. Enigma is purple because of the lyric "Violet light smears the atmosphere". I associate both Sine From Above and 1000 Doves with white but I decided to add a little blue hue to SFA for variety :yennefer: but I always see the Spiritual Ones (or the white star emblem) with that song. I also see gold for Babylon because of the Spotify Canvas Visuals and the color screams very "ancient city style" to me. 


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Alice - dark blue, grey

Stupid Love - hot pink

Rain On Me - purple, lavender

Free Woman - lavender

Fun Tonight - grey, lavender

911 - red

Plastic Doll - light pink

Sour Candy - neon green, neon purple

Enigma - bright blue, turquoise

Replay - orange, black

Sine From Above - white

1000 Doves - light blue, white

Babylon - gold, black


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CI + Alice: Hot Pink 🌺
Stupid Love: Pink 🌸
Rain on Me: Purple 🌂
Free Woman: Dark Orange 🍂
Fun Tonight: Grey 🌫
CII + 911: Yellow 🌻
Plastic Doll: Baby Blue (pastels in general) ❄️
Sour Candy: Dark Red 🥀
Enigma: Green 🌲
Replay: Black/Purple Holo 🖤💿
CIII + Sine From Above: Dark Blue 🌑
1000 Doves: White 🕊
Babylon: Gold 🌞

🥀 ℑ’𝔪 𝔦𝔫 𝔞 𝔯𝔢𝔟𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔦𝔬𝔫, 𝔞𝔫𝔡 ℑ’𝔪 𝔲𝔭 𝔞𝔤𝔞𝔦𝔫𝔰𝔱 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔱𝔯𝔲𝔱𝔥 🥀
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I included some HEX codes for more accuracy for what I see, although the general colors are the same for this album. I feel the songs on this album visually matches the album cover very well if you were to narrow them down to colors.

Alice - TikTok Pink (#FF0552)
Stupid Love - Hot pink (#FD03D0)
Rain On Me - Purple (#A651FF)
Free Woman - White
Fun Tonight - Purple (#67307E) 
911 - Youtube Red (#FF0002)
Sour Candy - Pink (#FF33FF)
Plastic Doll - Yellow (#EBE036)
Enigma - Purple (#670F93)
Replay - Some grayed purple (#6D6672)
Sine From Above - Twitter Blue (#1EA1F1)
1000 Doves - Gold (#C4BE68)
Babylon - Gold (#E5BB10)

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Alice - Neon Purple

Stupid Love - Hot Pink

Rain On Me - Lilac

Free Woman - Electric Blue

Fun Tonight - Grey/White

911 - Red/Teal

Plastic Doll - Light Green/Light Teal

Sour Candy - Neon Yellow

Enigma - Green

Replay - Black/Brown

Sine From Above - Dark Purple

1000 Doves - Orange/Peach

Babylon - Silver/Gold/Bronze


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1 hour ago, Danny Milk said:

Replay - Black & Yellow


I get yellow visuals for Replay. Not sure why.

Piacere, Girolamo, Trombetta 💚🤝💜
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Red Velvet

Alice: Hot Pink

Stupid Love: Magenta

Rain On Me: Warm Pink / Lilac

Free Woman: Purple

Fun Tonight: Indigo

911: Dark Blue

Plastic Doll: Electric Blue

Enigma: Turquiose

Replay: Dark Green

Sine From Above: Neon Green

1000 Doves: Yellow

Babylon: Red

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