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Tyler Childers - Long Violent History


Independent Country star Tyler Childers just released a surprise album of fiddle tunes AND the socially current song "Long Violent History" which speaks of the world we live in today. Some really great lyrics in this song about politicians spreading fake news about (I'm guessing) Corona in the first verse and BLM in the second and third. 

I'm usually careful with male country artists specifically since country is still such an apolitical genre and male artists arent very outspoken so seeing this from him is really cool. It shows a shift in country music that I hope will continue and diversify country music and make the whole genre more open because I think country music has a lot to offer. 

It’s the worst that it’s been since the last time it happened, it’s happening again right in front of our eyes
there’s updated footage, wild speculation, tall tales and hearsay and absolute lies
being passed off as factual when actually the actual causes they’re awkwardly blocking the way
keeping us all from enjoying our evening, shoving its roots through the screens in our face.

Now what would you get if you heard my opinion
conjecturing on matters that I ain’t never dreamed
in all my born days, this white boy from Hickman based on the way that the world’s been to me
it’s called me belligerent, it’s took me for ignorant but it ain’t never once made me scared just to be
could you imagine just constantly worrying kicking and fighting begging to breathe?

how many boys could they haul off this mountain
shoot full of holes, cuffed and laying in the streets
Till we come into town in a stark raving anger looking for answers and armed to the teeth
30-06s and papaw’s old pistol
how many, you reckon, would it be?
four or five?

Or would that be the start of a long violent history of tucking our tails as we tried to abide?

Or would that be the start of a long violent history of tucking our tails as we tried to abide?


Stan Fujii Kaze


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Never heard of him before but this was very well put together. I’ll be listening to more of him. :flutter:


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